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Parenthood, a good reason to take care of YOU

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Today’s LYB blog post is special to me because it features a woman I have known for a very long time – I daresay, her whole life. Meet Heidi, my lovely cousin whom I adore. A few days before giving birth to my first child, Heidi told me she was pregnant with her first – we’ve kind of made this journey of motherhood together, and I’m happy to have her as a friend now, as well as a cousin.

One theme that I’ve noticed in doing these sessions is how many women understate their achievements – why don’t we toot our own horns more often? Because I know Heidi so well, I know that, on top of being an incredible, present and thoughtful mother of 3, she is an incredibly intelligent woman. I’m thankful for all the nurses in my life, and especially thankful for Heidi because I know that as a nurse…

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