I’ve been MIA!

I have been off the grid for far too long!  I had stated that this next post would feature enrichment activities to do with my book, Kieran the Pirate.  However, I am a bit technologically challenged with doing a video to feature with the article.  I am seeking help with this.  So until I can pull that off, I will need to put this off.  My apologies dear follower!

I want to share a couple of picture books with you, and my thoughts/plugs on them!

My Little Sister Ate One Hare, by Bill Grossman, Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

age: 4 – 7

My Little Sister

It is a bit gross, so if your squeamish, don’t read this book!  However, children love it!  It is a rhyming, sequencing story,  that also involves counting, both forward and backward.  I love Bill Grossman’s sense of humor!  I read this story, several times, with students I worked with in school.  I can report that they loved it a lot!  I have to admit, I loved it too!

Listen to the story here:  My Little Sister Ate One Hare … and enjoy!

Want to buy the book? It is available on Amazon.


Flashlight, by Lisa Boyd Author/Illustrator

Age: 0 – 7


This is only a trailer for the book on You Tube:  Flashlight

You may be surprised that this picture book contains no words.  However the images are delightful.  As you follow the boy and see what things he discovers, it may make you wish it was nighttime. You may find yourself inspired to go exploring with a flashlight. Perhaps, it is an activity you and the children would enjoy while camping.

Want to buy the book?  It is available on Amazon.


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