Winter Cold or Winter Warm Activities

Some Indoor Winter Activities

Brrrr!! It is some cold outside!  The Children have Cabin Fever!!  Help Blog Lady, I need HELPPpppp!!!

BUILD A FORT out of blankets around, a table, or chairs, or the couch.  Cardboard boxes can also make cool walls for a fort.  Perhaps you want to paint it up beforehand.  Pile up all the pillows, they make cool forts. I love Pinterest!  So many awesome ideas there. Here is a link to some great blanket fort fun!    (Hint, don’t show the children these!)

Blanket Fort Ideas on Pinterest from Life as Mama

HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT.  Now that you have built that fort…get out socks and tuck them together to make several balls.  Use them as snowballs to throw at each other and nobody gets hurt, nobody loses an eye!

MAKE FOOD FOR THE BIRDS.  Make suet cakes to put out for the birds to eat.

Bird at FeederPhoto courtesy of Tara deLancey

Female Downy Woodpecker in Prince Edward Island (Canada)

When the weather gets very cold out, the birds need the extra protein to keep their bodies warm. It usually takes birds a couple of days to discover a new food source, so just be patient, they will come to the feeder. Here is a wonderful recipe for Peanut Butter Suet

making suet

This is Larry Jordan from

GET COOKING.  Do some baking together.  How about Hot Chocolate, or Snow Cookies or Baked Alaska?

PAINT or DRAW SOME SNOWY DAY PICTURES  Still have that roll of brown or white paper I recommended you purchase?  Tape it to the drawing easel or to the wall and draw/paint away!

GO CAMPING You heard me right!  Get out the tents, clear the living room or den and set those tents up!  Make a pretend fire pit, read with flashlights, tell fun or scary tales, Have your supper or dinner at the tent!  Your kids will love it!

Indoor tenting

image found on

A FREEBIE  Download this from TeachersPayTeachers called The Birth of a Snowflake

ENJOY your children and they will enjoy you!      [ I know it says mama…but add papa as well.]


I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas

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