Bouncing Here…

Bouncing Here…Bouncing There

(Red and Blue are in the Air)

by Cleo deLancey

One sunny, windy day in May,

2 big balls went out to play.

They bounced here, They bounced there,

Then they saw some underwear!


The underwear was camo green,

And worn by a tall and strange machine!

“What is that?” the Red Ball said.

The Blue Ball only shook his head.


So off they bounced until they found,

3 black socks upon the ground.

“How very strange!” the Red Ball said.

The Blue Ball only shook his head.


On they bounced towards a tree.

And there they found white shoes – there’s 3!

They bounced on until they found

A BIG brown shirt upon the ground.


“A BIG brown shirt! It is so strange…”

The Blue Ball shook his head again.

Then they bounced high, or so I’m told,

To jump the pants lying on the road.


They looked down and what they saw

Were 3 legged pants all stuffed with straw!

“What E V E R could this mean?

Do they belong to that tall machine?”


So back they bounced, and on the way,

Picked up the pants, the shirt, and hay.

They grabbed the shoes and socks they found

Lying strewed upon the ground.


They bounced on back until they seen

The camo underwear (..that’s green)

The Red Ball bounced to the BIG machine’s head

He found it crying, and then Red said,


“We found clothes upon the ground,

And socks and shoes just lying around.”

” Could these be yours?” the Blue Ball asked.

” ‘Cause I seen a 3rd leg ’round your back!”


“Oh yes, Oh yes!” the BIG machine cried.

“I have a tale of woe,” he sighed.

“The wind was strong, it blew and blew!

It picked me up and tossed me too!


And blew the clothes right off my back!

My shoes! My socks! My socks are black!

I have a job I cannot do

Without my shirt, my socks, my shoes!


I lost my hat! It blew away!

Well, the silly thing was made of hay!”

We found them all!” the Red Ball said.

“Except the hat upon your head!”


“What kind of work is it you do?”

Asked the great BIG Ball of Blue.

“I scare the birds.  I make them leave.

They eat the corn, the peas, the beans!


I must leave and hurry back,

Before those hungry birds attack!

Thank you my friends!” the Scarecrow called,

To Red and Blue, those bouncing balls.


Then Red and Blue they bounced away

Happy with their Good Deed Day !

Red and Blue Balloons


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