Geoffery Tall and Geoffery Lean

Geoffery Tall and Geoffery Lean

by Cleo deLancey

Geoffery Tall and Geoffery Lean

Invented the wondrous Mackle Machine

Geoffery had trained it to his voice

To obey his commands,

Whatever his choice.

To work or sleep,

To laugh or play,

Or simply just to hide away!

His Mackle Machine could do it all.

Pick up the toys.

Shop….at the mall!

It could rake the leaves, and tidy the mess.

Pick up all the garbage the humans had left.

This Mackle Machine, it was very strong.

It could pickup a car,

And mow the lawn!


It could fix the fence , or fix a car.

This Mackle Machine was AMAZING thus far!

It could wash the dishes, and tidy a room

Make Geoffery’s bed,

And sweep with a broom.

This Mackle Machine would pick up his toys

Would do all his homework

(shhh – without any noise)


Once, Geoffery Tall and Geoffery Lean

Loaned out his marvelous Mackle Machine.

Soon neighbours all pushed to Geoffery’s front door

And clamored and begged and pleaded for more!

    “Cut my hair”

    “Paint my nails”

    “Wash my boat”

    “Fix my car”

    “Clean my room”

    “Do my math”

    “Bake a cake”



So Geoffery Tall and Geoffery Lean

Boxed up his marvelous Mackle Machine.

‘Cause people were lazy,

They just didn’t care

They left their garbage EVERYWHERE!

His Mackle Machine did all their jobs

They are lazy people

They act like slobs!


So Geoffery the Wise

Yes, Geoffery the Keen

Learned the lesson of his Mackle Machine.

How people learn to get along…

It’s working together that

Makes them strong!


So, please work together, don’t be a jerk

Help your neighbour with some of their work.

Keep your community clean

Don’t be a slob!

Rely on yourself

You will be proud of your job!

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