Little Jeremie

Little Jeremie

by Cleo deLancey

Little Jeremie, that’s me!

And I am only two

But I am very neat and tidy

And use my manners too.


When I was so much younger,

My puzzles I would take out

I’d remove all the pieces

And scatter them about,


Now that I am older

I lay them in a line

I pick up every single piece

And put them in one at a time


My trucks I line up on the floor

They are straight in a row

I do eyeball the tires

To make them look just so


All my teeny tiny cars

They just seem to flow

With all the bumpers side by side

Aligned in one long row.


And when I’m done with all my play

I cheerfully put my toys away!


I like to help my mommy

With all the household chores

I use my wee toy vacuum

And dusting isn’t a bore.


Mommy always tells me

That I’m her little man

When I help her get the garbage

To the garbage can!


When I play outside in the yard,

I like it to be tidy

So I help to pick up rocks

Because I am so mighty!


I bring all these treasures

And sometimes leaves and sticks

I give them to my parents

I do this really quick!


When I go to the potty

I like to flush AND flush

Mommy says then, “No Jer,

One flush is enough.”


When the paper roll is empty

I know this shouldn’t be

So I run to get another

My Mom’s so proud of me!


Sometimes my mommy teaches

The Alphabet to me

She says “A”, I say “No A”

And of course I say “No B.”


Yes, sometimes I can be naughty

Sometimes I do say NO

Then mommy says, “Say Yes Mom”

And I do as I’m told!


When I eat my supper,

I try hard to be neat.

I do try not to spill my food

Or drop it at my feet.


I just love to use a fork

To eat my Mac and Cheese.

Then when it’s done, I show my bowl

and simply say, “More peese.”


Then when my daddy

brings me some

I say “Tank-you”

And show my thumb!


When on my bike I’m riding

And someone is in my way

I like to say “Kooze me”

So they can move away.


When Daddy says “Hey Jeremie

I think it’s time for bed.”

I do not cry or whimper

Or even shake my head.


I give to ALL my kisses

And mommy even twice

Then climb the stairs with daddy.

I never make a fight.


When I get to my bedroom

There’s one more thing to do

Kiss Nana and Papa’s picture

And the one of the school bus too!


My daddy tucks me safely

Into my little bed

I close my eyes soooooo tired

Then nod



head !

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