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Record successes

A neat idea I would like to share with you!

Get a large jar and label it  Family Success Stories or Family Name Great Stories. You decide how to decorate it.


Add stories of family successes and milestones.  It maybe a trip to the zoo, participation in a marathon or other charitable work.  Perhaps some reading milestones at school or at home.  How about adding that badge at scouts or graduating to a new music or dance class? Did the little one learn to ride the two wheeler? Did Dad or Mom get a raise at work or other work life milestones?  You decide what those successes may be. Remember to celebrate the little things as well.  Build self-esteem as a family.

If they can, have all family members add to this jar, not just Mom or Dad.  Have Grandparents or other extended family members join in the celebration of the “good things” jar as well!

Decide as a family when to take the jar down and celebrate those milestones.  Perhaps every three months or  six months.  Plan a “celebration” around this.  Pizza / movie party — Outdoor activities-like a day in the park or skating in the winter — a dip in the pool at the  local swimming center — O ! so many ideas to celebrate as a family.

Photo credit: Good Things Jar: www.benignobjects.blogspot.com