Hello!  Welcome to TalesForTheYoung.  I am passionate about young children learning to love books.  Learning begins at home…long before kindergarten and grade school.  I want to help parents with this as I know how very busy parenting can be.

I post once per week (each Sunday) on enrichment activities to do with books or just plain fun!

During the week, I sometimes post more for adult reading, thoughts, my family activities, my own writings, other authors writings…or a re-blog…or… “surprise” posts.  ENJOY!!


Profile Pic About Me

I love to write stories for and about my grandchildren.(I have 8 as well as 3 step-grandchildren thus far).  I have written a total of 10 stories and not done as yet!

My inspiration to write the book “Kieran the Pirate” was for my eldest grandchild who moved away to the eastern coast of Canada.  He was three at that time and phone calls were not very engaging for a child of his age.  I would either read to him or tell him my made up stories.  This book was one of those stories.

I worked in the school system (K-3) for twenty years as an educational assistant.  I implemented programs for challenged readers and non-readers with a great deal of success.  I often thought to myself that it would be okay to leave this world knowing I had taught several children to read.  My life feels worthy!

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I have quick access to Banff and the Rocky Mountains as well as my two grand-boys who live here.  I am only 3 hours away from the rest of my grandchildren who live in Edmonton.  Not so close to the two in Prince Edward Island!

Kieran the Pirate

About My Book

Kieran has a problem.  He wants to be a scary pirate, but only has a pirate hat. His extended family helps him by using ordinary items found at home: a cardboard sword, turned down rubber boots, a winter scarf for a sash, a stuffed bird, a felt eyepatch…

When reading this easy reader with your children, enhance their prediction skills by asking, “What does a pirate wear?” or “What else does a pirate need for his costume?”

Ask them if they have an auntie, grandmother, brother, cousin etc and what their names are to help them establish titles of family members.

Help them learn the lines in the book that are repetitive so as to feel like successful readers.  They can predict the next item of the costume by connecting to the clues in the illustrations.

Play a dress up game to act out the book (you may want to prepare ahead of time).

DOES Kieran become a scary pirate?
Enjoy the humorous ending!
And enjoy the lively illustrations by artist,  Denis Proulx.

Want to purchase my book?For North America:   Click here

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