I Hate Being 10 !

I Hate Being 10 !

Middle grade 8-12 years

by Cleo deLancey

I hate being 10!  Cassandra said,

I can’t do anything.

Can’t go downtown all by myself,

Or even with my friends!


Can’t watch the movies the adults do

‘Cause I am much too young”

But I’m old enough to clean my room

And tidy up the house.


I’m old enough to help my mom,

To watch my little sister.

But when she goes out,

I’m much too young and need a babysitter!


I hate being 10!  Cassandra declared!

I’m caught in a world between,

Of not being a kid and not being a teen.

I wish that 10 had never been!


I’m old enough to mow the lawn,

And pick up doggy-doo!

But I’m just too young, my parents say

To wear make-up to school.


Playing with dolls is childish.

So, I packed them all away.

I sneak them out, when I am bored,

Especially on rainy days.


I hate being 10!  Cassandra sniffed.

I guess I just can’t see,

Why are there all these silly rules?

Why can’t I just be me?


I’m old enough to help fold clothes,

And make my bed and stuff.

But I’m way too young to ride the quad

Out into the rough!


Can’t stay up late and visit,

With my parents and their friends.

‘Cause I have school tomorrow.

So off to bed, I’m sent!


Oh WOE is me!  Cassandra cried.

10 is such a bore!

If I were 12 I know that they

Would let me do MUCH more!


There is a boy I really like

And he goes to my school.

Father says ‘I’m much too young

And liking boys is just NOT cool!’


I’d like to attend school dances,

Like the older students do.

School Rules say ‘I’m much too young’

Oh life is just so cruel!


I HATE BEING 10!  Cassandra yelled.

10 is just too mean!

I wish that I could skip to …13

‘Cause then I’d be a TEEN!


My mother says when she was 10,

Life was pretty much the same.

Chores teach responsibility.

Rules help to keep us safe.


The time between 10 and teen,

Are important years, she told,

For me to learn about my world,

While safe within her fold.

10858427_10152429632576574_8790277716608690889_nAmielia with book


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